Real Crystal Wine Glasses


Real Crystal Wine Glasses

Real Crystal Wine Glasses – Does a wine glass create a difference when consuming wine. The simple answer is Yes, but how much of a difference that depends on your ability of taste and odor. Now, I am not a sommelier and I do not possess the taste buds or nose to become you, however, I was able to perceive a marked difference when tasting the Norton in a Riedel glass versus the tasting glass, so much so that after a taste or 2 I poured the wine from the tasting glass into the Riedel glass.

When you visit a chain restaurant and purchase wine you will likely get a typical wine glass, that is used for both red and white wine and several times it’s a little glass, that they fill to the rim. This is my pet peeve, I guess they’re concerned about complaints from clients about not getting a complete glass but that leaves no room for swirling the wine. 4 oz is considered a complete glass and therefore don’t be impressed when a restaurant matches the glass entirely because it’s still only 4 ounces. When you visit fine dining restaurant you should be presented with a wine glass that adequately addresses the wine type (white or red) and big enough to swirl to your hearts content (still 4 oz).

Sorry I digressed. When you buy wine glasses for your own, buy one with a big enough bowl to enable you to swirl the wine and enjoy the smell. Leave 2/3 of the glass for swirling. So, do I require a different glass for every different type of wine, then I do not believe so but others may disagree. It depends on which type of wine you drink, including red wine coolers that I would recommend a wonderful group of Bordeaux glasses, for white wine coolers a wonderful pair of Chardonnay glasses. Great wine glasses don’t have a curved lip/hump on the top of the bowl and they aren’t heavy. If you’re seriously interested in enjoying all parts of wine it’s worthwhile investing in a few good quality wine glasses.

Based on how many times you drink champagne or fortified wines you may consider these specialty glasses but when it’s once a year at New Year’s it’s likely not worth the price. If you have a need for a unique wine glass for a specific wine type they are accessible, I have a few.

Riedel glasses are well known and have a great reputation but they’re expensive. Ravenscroft glasses are lead free crystal and are of premium quality, too with a wonderful reputation but they are not as expensive compared to Riedel glasses.

For home use, buy the glasses that you will work with most often and expand from there, if you choose. You do not require a lot just for your own or very tiny celebrations with people that enjoy wine. Use inexpensive glasses for big parties it won’t disturb you if there is some breakage.

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